Before making a decision on which membership you want, please check out our frequently asked questions below




Frequently Asked Questions

How will i receive selections?

All members will receive selections via email. Make sure you add to your accepted contact list so emails don’t find its way to your spam folder.

How do you make selections?

We have created an algorithm that analyzes all available data and gives different weights to certain metrics and delivers a likely outcome score. We provide selections with the highest outcome scores that also provide value. It is essential the value is added into the algorithm as no one wants to bet 1/10 selections constantly.¬

Essentially we could provide a best selection for every event that there is data held on. So we have to be selective and ensure selections pass our stringent parameters.

It is our aim in the future to provide an application in which members can ask our platform about an event and be provided with the best play in that event.¬

We are at least 12 months away from that though.¬

Are you affiliated with any bookmakers?

No. We never will be either.

Our selections are generally with SBK (Smarkets), Betfair, BetVictor, SkyBet, B365, PaddyPower and William Hill.¬

You will never see us linking a bookmaker. Be very wary of tipsters who provide links to bookmakers and “Special Offers” for members. The likelihood is they are an affiliate of that bookmaker and receive a % of your losses as commission.¬

Just google bookmaker affiliates to see how many offer this scheme.

Im worried about becoming a member, do you offer a guarantee?

We completely understand why people would have concern in joining with no guaranteed results. Especially with so many taking advantage of punters with constant losses and confidence selling on social media. That is the very reason we took to task with building this platform and why we are so confident in its ability we are able to give a guarantee. That is why you wont catch a member of our team shouting on social media making ludicrous claims like other services.

If we finish a month where winnings have not covered your monthly subscription cost, we will give you a month free.

Do you use a staking plan?

No, we do not use a staking plan. 
We work on a level stakes basis when generating results. It is easy to give 4 losing selections at 0.25 pts and get that back with a couple of large point small odd selections.¬

We want complete transparency is our results data so we give all our selection at level stakes e.g if you normal stake is £10, just stick to £10. If a selection is a Lucky 15 then place a 65p L15 and 25p acca = £10 total.

I think im gambling too much?

If you feel like your gambling is too much, tell us straight away by contacting

We will immediately cancel your membership and you will no longer receive selections as we aim to support the fight against problem gambling.

Do you publish your results?

Yes! It is paramount that all out selections are published once settled. No professional service should be allowed to provide a service if they do not publish results.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency . . . . .

I have a yearly membership can i cancel?

Yes! You can!
If you decide to cancel your yearly membership we will refund you the remaining months left on your membership. Unless the winnings have exceeded your membership cost and there will be no refund.¬